Community over Conscience

If the sentiments of the society, of the elders, the respected are being hurt then is it really important for us to care about the two people in love? Isn’t it all about the majority (we live in a democracy after all)? Why should we let them get away, why should they not be punished, for they have committed the horrendous deed of falling in love, and that too with someone outside their community, outside their religion. It’s not like it’s something new that has been dawned upon them, they are aware of it, every second of every day. How can someone forget about their identity, their society, their religion and their community? It gave them so much, their identity, their home. And they decide to leave their community and marry someone from outside? They want to ignore their religion? HOW? Marriage is not what these people claim to be, two bodies one soul blah blah blah !!. It involves families. Are these `love birds` not being selfish when they put forth such erratic ideas?  What kind of generation would they raise? One that has no respect for community, no sense of belonging to their religion?

The world is looking at chaos and obfuscation if such people run it. And those feminists , those feminists who ask why only women are subject to such crimes; well it’s time they realized that women should know how to behave and where to draw the line. The community forgives men and not women. It’s always been this way and will always be. They should accept it and move on. This is not even an issue to discuss, it’s a fact of life. There is no point in discussing such things on various national or international forums because this is the society. It’s become this way for a reason, and it shall be better for everyone if it stays that way. This is the real world, not some women’s rights film which works on the fingers of the director but rather on the rules for society- and there is no question of change or revolution.

And so the question remains, can religion and community continue to overpower the conscience? Can it force us to make choices we don’t want to or just sit back and watch the orthodox extremists do as they please? 



– Shaivya Paliwal


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