The ‘Model’ Way of Debating

To an outsider, Model United Nations might seem like a waste of time; just a couple of well-dressed people who yell at each other about issues very few of them have experienced firsthand. However, in reality, MUN is so much more than that. The yelling actually has a point.

As Christopher Hitchens once said: “Time spent arguing is, oddly enough, almost never wasted.” The debate opens your mind and teaches you how to look beyond your own limited worldview. When you step into the fictional shoes of a diplomat from another country, you start understanding a wildly different perspective, even if you might not agree with it. Most importantly, you learn the delicate arts of collaboration, teamwork and leadership.

But MUN has an influence beyond just personal development. I will not pretend that giving a few eloquent speeches will bring peace to Syria or feed starving children a thousand miles away; not right away, anyway. The discussion taking place here simply forms a springboard for future action. The delegate sitting next to you could one day be the United Nations Secretary-General. The resolutions formed here could, in the near future, turn into actual action.

True, you are trying to solve problems you have never experienced; but that just means you bring in a new perspective and a fresh look at the world.


By Srishti Mittal


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