Developing a Sustainable Future


“Saving our planet requires you to be ambitious in what you aim, and, equally, in how hard you work to reach your goal.” — Ban Ki-Moon, eighth Secretary-General, UN


The past few decades have been instrumental for the human race in terms of technological advancements and innovations. From tech – giant Amazon using drones for delivery to building quantum computers, the world is changing every day and so are its energy needs.

Sustainable Development — a solution for the ever-growing expenditure of natural resources by the people, has been a global topic of discussion between nations, progressively minded corporations, activists, and even students. Most textbooks define sustainable development as “a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” This idealistic definition leaves the reader with a lot of ideas to ponder upon. What are our current needs? What will be our future needs? Is this rate of consumption higher than the rate at which nature can replenish? Our current needs, be it in terms of energy, education, resources, must be well-defined in order to implement these ideologies.


With industries fulfilling these needs in this greed-based economy, one often feels that our community is closer to a science fiction version of the future rather than a sustainable one. However regular reforms are being made in order to achieve a healthy, renewable world for people and coming generations. The United Nations Development Programme has come up with “The 2030 Agenda” for sustainable development. It promotes an integrated approach that tackles the connected issues of multidimensional poverty, inequality and exclusion, and sustainability while enhancing knowledge, skills and production technologies to enlarge people’s’ choices, reduce risks and sustain development gains. In recent years, over $3 billion has been invested in sustainable development priorities.

It’s time to understand that these notions and global attempts to create a sustainable future must be catalyzed at a personal level. We must pause for a moment to think, deliberate how our day-to-day life might look like in the future.

– Abhinav Thukral



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